Licenses for both vsHome and Virtual Shopfloor are set to expire at the end of each month, at which point they need to be updated by an administrator as appropriate. See our guide below for what to do when your license is about to expire or has expired:

For administrators

  • Log into Protect-It.
  • The central column shows the expiry date of your licenses. Expired licenses show up in red.
  • To update the expiry date of the expired licenses, click ‘Select expired’ at the bottom left, or select the licenses you want to update on an individual basis.
  • Then click ‘Multi edit…’.
  • In the pop up window, click ‘Expiry date’ and change the date in the drop down menu to the end of the following month.
  • The user of the license will then have to select ‘Perform online update’ when prompted upon opening the software for the expiry date to be updated.

For general users

When opening the software you will see a message saying that your license has expired, or is about to expire. Ensure you have an active internet connection, and click ‘Perform online update’ to check if your license expiry date has been updated.

If it has been updated correctly, a message will appear saying ‘Online update successfully performed’. If you get a message saying otherwise, you need to contact your license administrator and ask them to update your license, using the steps above.